Keon Label: The Premier Labeling Company with a difference

November 2018: Keon Labels, the latest innovation company that is known for its competitive edge within the labelling industry proudly announces a great deal for customers.

Keon Labels is a local manufacturer that sells labels on A4 sheets. They offer self-adhesive labels for Inkjet & Laser printers. A full range of coloured labels, laser labels, removable laser labels, fluorescent labels, high gloss white inkjet labels, gloss white labels, poly laser labels & SRA3 sheets are available with them.

“We are a strong Australian owned company taking a bold stand against its competitors in the ever expanding market of inkjet and laser printer labels. The days of limited designs and bland tones have given way to an exhaustive array of new sizes, shapes and textures of adhesive labels”. Says Julie Watts
Keon Labels provide a wide range of blank printer labels suitable for a variety of printing equipment. They are known to have excellent service as most orders are 24 hr turnover, or even same day. The uses for their labels are endless from print your own wine, beverage and product labels to chemical drum and Pallecon labels.
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Company name: Keon Labels
Contact Person: Julie Watts
Telephone: 1300882826
Country: Australia

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